Monday, 27 June 2011

Thrush - not the birdie type

Bloody Hell, had second dose of FEC without steriods and all seemed to be going well. Felt much better for not taking them, although I was sick on Thursday evening. Friday felt really ok and thought thats it Ive cracked it, then Sat morning woke up with a mouth like a camels armpit. OMG the inside was all slimy and my tongue was swollen and covered with a thick white film. I knew immediately this was Oral Thrush, they warn you this might happen. What to do, its Saturday, my Docs arnt open. So I ring the hospital to see it theres a preparatory thing you can buy at a pharmacy, you know like Canasten, but for the mouth. Apparently not, so they advised me to go to a walk in doctors surgery in Grimsby. After an hour sitting in a room full of people coughing and being sick into sick bowls ( and dont forget they told me not to expose myself to any risk of infection ), I was seen and given a prescription. The stuff they gave me has to be squirted on the tongue and held in the mouth for a few minutes, yuk. On Saturday night I put it on directly after brushing my teeth and it must have caused a chemical reaction as it all seemed to froth in my mouth causing me to be very sick all over again.  Today theres not a great deal of improvement, they have advised to give it one more day and then go to my Docs for a pill that you can take. This is all very well but I dont do feelin like crap very well, I was fully expecting to be feeling really good by this morning. I am very dissapointed. It is incredibly hot too, I think the hottest day of the year so far and I shall be sitting in my shed reading and feeling sorry for my self. Ah well only one more dose of FEC and then on to the delights and pleasures awaiting me with the next one called ' Taxoter'. I cant wait !!! ....

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