Friday, 17 June 2011

Baldness Totality

Well I'm bald as a coote !! After having a ' number 3' over my head, it was still falling out only smaller bits. So yesterday I had a good idea- why dont I put hair remover over the rest and get rid of it. So I did with the help of Dennis ( he had to smear the back of my head) . I sat there for about 10 minutes letting it get smellier and smellier and eventually started to scrap it off along with the remainder of my hair. It got most off but I had loads of little tuffs all over- it looked so funny. In the end we resorted to a razor, Den got his shaving foam and off he went scrapping over my scalp removing the patches.  It was bizarre, I said to him who'd have thought a year ago you would have been shaving my head today ?? We were like a couple of kids laughing at the madness of it all.

Anyhow its amazing how your head feels without hair, its quite liberating. I an getting quite adventurous with my scarfs- thanks to Angie's tutorial. I went round Tesco's with a rather lovely two tone turban I had created and got a few looks- especially from this older couple, luckily as you all know I dont have a problem being a bit different. I am comfy in my own skin. I thank the Universe for my confidence as it will certainly help me get through all this. And I dont take myself too seriously. Suprisingly I had a conversation with a friend who was concerned that having a bald head would upset me, they were concerned that I might be bottling it all up. I was upset that they thought this of me, I told them to get a life...........

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