Monday, 13 June 2011

Perfect Day

Had a great day yesterday, Michelle came over and took me to lunch to a village in the wolds. There was a charming little shop that sold all kinds of ' crafty/ country' type items ( and we did what all good girls do and helped the local economy) and a really nice lunch at the local pub. I even managed a glass of wine ( drought over) and one when I got home!! The weather was crap but it didnt matter, we had a lovely chat and catch up and we shall do it again !!

The electrictions are here today finally electrifying my shed- hurrah which means I can now start on my project to write down my thoughts etc on the laptop out there.

I do mean to contact Tesco and tell them their £8 gel bra's are ideal for people like me. They have gel inserts in both cups and if you take out the gel pad in the good side and double up on the small side, you insert pads into a specially made little pocket - hey presto. A lovely comfy sexy cleavage with plenty of support.  Job done !! Thank you Tesco you have succeeded where M & S and BHS have failed and at a fraction of the price JOB DONE !!

It looks like its gonna rain really heavy now but better weather is on its way, which is good news, I want to be able to get a few decent walks in this week as next week will be taken up with pre Chemo things as next Thursday is second dose Chemo day- YUK

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