Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hair today - gone today

Well its happening, my hair is falling out - little bits at the moment, but not prolonging the agony. Have called Angela and getting head shaved at 6 pm this evening. Baldness totality is now a reality !!!  Its funny reallly cos I noticed it last evening whilst having a shower and its all over, hurrah no more leg shaving for the summer !!!

We went to Scunthorpe yesterday and ordered a mutli fuel fire for the lounge to replace our current gas fire which is broken and was crap anyway, so now we are on the hunt for a wood supplier, it will be great on long Winter nights. The cats will love it I'm sure.

My two Scottish friends have anounced on facebook that they have completed the circle around Mnt Kaliash in Tibet and are on their way to Everest base camp. I am happy and envious of them as I was hoping to do Mnt Kaliash too. However Dennis and  have promised ourselves we will get there - not this year - maybe next. I am sending this out to the Universe and we are already planning how we will do it. When shall come later. Anyhow I shall post a pic of my new head - so you 'lle have somthing to look forward too. Fancy that me an egghead .......

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