Friday, 10 June 2011

Hurrah its Raining

As I type this we have lovely steady rain, just what we need as this morning it was announced that our area is officially suffering from drought. I'm suffering from drought as I find I have gone completely off alcohol. I know this takes a lot of believing ( I can hear all my friends going NOOOO ) but its true. I did manage a few glasses of fizz on my birthday but thats it. Ive also gone off meat of any sort and tomatoes. They warned me that my tastes would change with the Chemo and its true. I now cannot get enough of Fried Eggs, Fish, Strawberries, Cherries, Grapes- in fact any kinda sour flavour fruit. Its bizarre. I find myself dreaming of Eggs fried crispy brown on the bottom and soft and gooey yokes ready to dip toast into, oh even now my mouth is watering at the thought- I am becoming obsessed. From an everyday point of view I feel completely back to normal healthwise so thats a brilliant thing. I now have two weeks of freedom before I face the next dose, so wondering what I should do with myself. Am planning a trip to Glastonbury for my next respite in July and to Whitby for the one in August. Doing loads of healing work on myself ( more of that later ) and intend to start putting down some thoughts for the record in a healing type format. Keiron is back tomorrow and am meeting a good friend on Sunday for lunch ( hopefully not roast ). All in all life is good .......
ps Tried to sign up for our local race for life in Cleethorpes AKA Gloria Hunifords appeal  - but they are fully booked - anyone have any ideas how I can get in ??

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