Thursday, 14 July 2011

I have a cleavage ( again)

OMG had a fantastic hour at the Breast clinic. There my consultant Jenny Smith inserted a needle into the port inside my booby - to those who have felt it - the bit that felt like a crumpled crisp packet. And injected saline into it to plump out and fill my tissue cavity. I must say at this point it didnt hurt a bit. The result is a very perk 'b'cup which is very full at the top which means with a underwire push em up and out ie my £ 8 tesco bra I have a very convincing bustline.  Jenny was very impressed with the way my scars have healed although there was a bit of concern that my new booby looked a little paler than my right one. So I had to fess up that I have been on the sunbeds ( and cover the left one ). I also told her that my scars healing so well had to be down to the effects of my Collagen bed. She hadnt heard of one of those so it was an educational sesson for both of us.  All in all a good day and although my new booby keeps getting in the way - right arm keeps bumping into it I am well pleased with the results.
Now the crap bit- am off soon to have my third and final round of FEC ( lifegiving elixir) oh what suprises does it have in store for me this time. Good news is this is the last one. I must also say that I really feel the love that you all are sending me- all these messages of good wishes uplift me and support me in ways that suprise me still, so I want to say a big thank you to you all  and it just occured to me that SOL could also be 'the summer of love '  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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