Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Bloody hell what a couple of days !!! Been to Hell and back. After a pretty good start to my last FEC I woke up on Sunday feelin tired, by Monday I felt like I was dying !! If fact I almost wished I could a couple of times. I rang the hospital to check if they could do anything, they said my blood count was very good ( so I couldnt be anaemic ) and that this was a side effect due to the accumilation of the Chemo.  Spent the day in bed feeling very sorry for myself and contemplating the rest of my life, which I decided would be only completely what I wanted to do, on the basis that time might be running out. If it wasnt and I live to be 80 or so then what a result !! 
A diva for 30 years - apologies to the rest of you.
Anyhow pleased to say this morning that I am feeling much better, have arranged to go to Matlock tomorrow to my Transcendental master for checking on my meditation methods. Got an appointment at the Odessey center in Barton on friday ( they give treatments to people who have had cancer )  then  in the shop on Saturday  , MBS fair on Sunday and over to Whitby Mon/ Tues. And so on !! See, back up and running on full throttle- life's for living .....

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