Sunday, 9 September 2012

Be Grateful

Ok so heres something I do every morning when I wake up ( sometimes its a 4am ritual) I go through all the things I am grateful for. I start with Thank you for the wonderful day I had yesterday and Thank you for today.  Then I go through my list of all the other things I am grateful for. This is a real experience of positivity as I will also be grateful for any thing that hasnt gone quite right, on the basis that something unpleasant may be helpful in the future. Maybe that was meant to teach me something, how do I know at this point.  It may even be that an awful experience can trigger events that will turn into an advantage. So I am grateful. And I mean it. I am grateful for my cancer experience, boy has that taught me a lot. Without that experience I doubt I would have done all the travelling that I have this year. I certainly would not be in the place I am now.  So I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for my friends, I am grateful for the haven that is my shed, I am grateful for my continued good health, and so on.   The act of gratefulness creates positivity in the mind, it reminds you of all the things you have. This raises your internal vibration and you feel lighter.  Sometimes in our busy lives we forget all the good things we already have and instead we concentrate on the negativity of what we dont have.  Feelings of loss and want. The Universe hears this and under the law of attraction will send back what it thinks you are ordering. You think negativity and you get it back. Negativity is heavy.  Why do you think we say to each other lighten up ? How you do you feel right now? Take a minute, are you heavy or light?

Me, Im buzzing. I am off to Glastonbury for a few days. I love Glastonbury.  A lot of people think that Glastonbury is all about the music festival. But its much more than that. It is the centre of healing and new age thinking in the UK, other than maybe Totnes in Devon. It is a small town full of independent shops, most of them selling Crystals, Clothes, New Age books, CD's, vegetarian food etc. It has a lovely easy going laid back atmosphere. And magical places to sit and meditate such as the Chalice Well gardens, or the top of the Tor.  Glastonbury is considered the Heart Chakra of the world as it sits on two major ley lines, They are the St Micheal and  Mary lines. So called because in direct alighnment  are 10 churches dedicated to St Micheal and 23 churches dedicated to St Mary in a 300 mile line stretching across England. Other Chakra centers are Mount Kalaish ( Crown) and Bali ( Third Eye).  Amazing isnt it?  All that energy centered into a small sleepy town. Anyhow shall let you know how we got on, yet another small adventure.

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