Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tor and back

Had a great time in Glastonbury, it has its own unique character. No big chain shops in the high street, just small independant shops selling new age goods. From Hukka pipes, to crystals to witch parafinnalia. And no one bats an eyelid. The locals openly smoke outside the cafe's, in fact one actually has a sign that says ' smoking encouraged'. The atmosphere is so peaceful, no one hurries. You can get treatments from massage to a Crystal bowl sound bath. There is a shop dedicated to ' hemp products'. Where else in England would you find all this? Its a small ugly looking town, with a big soul. We visited Chalice Well gardens and drank the rusty tasting healing waters and then the challenge of the walk upto the Tor. I have walked this many times, once quite a few years ago whilst I still had metal pins in my leg and hip holding it all together. And last year I really struggled as I was coming to the end of my Chemo, my energy ran out halfway up. But I did still manage eventually to get there. This year I practically ran up. I felt so fit and alive. It was great to come full circle. I felt very grateful as I reached the summit.
And here we are back home, for a few days and then off to Spain so that I can attend the Physical Mediumship course. I am beginning to wonder what I have let myself in for. I have recieved a whole load of do's and dont's for the two evening seances. Its beginning to feel a little out of my comfort zone. But then as you all know, I do enjoy that feeling !!

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