Monday, 24 September 2012

Seminar day 1

Physical Seminar day 1

Felt quite anxious as I got into the car, there were 3 women in it already, and none seemed very welcoming. When we got to the center though I think we all calmed down and I got chatting to one of them who is from Ireland. The other two an American and a Turkish lady are both from London, and they are ok, although the Turkish one is a little weird.There are about 30 of us from all over, some from Ukraine, some from England and English from Spain. The 2 mediums are amazing ( thankfully), they dont take any crap ( and let me tell you there is plenty) and are very down to Earth. Christine Morgan gave us a presentation on Mediumship, which was very interesting, then we had to have a go at reading each other. I did very well and got a mention at the end of class, so am now teachers pet ! However I think what I do is more a pyhsic reading ( without involving spirit) Christine said she will work a bit with me and find out. Apparently all mediums are pyhsic but not all pyhsics are mediums. So watch this space ! In the evening her partner David went into deep trance and his ' Co- worker ' William came through. Gave us his story and told us what it is like on the other side, then went on to answer questions. It was all facinating stuff, though the deep trance session didnt have me completely hooked. Some of my fellow students however were convinced that all kinds of things happened, which to be fair Christine immediately dismissed as non evidential. That basicially means everyone has to see or hear it, otherwise it doesnt count. And I didnt see anything, together with a load of others. So here I am in the middle of Spain sitting in a room full of self proclaimed mediums and feeling just a little out of place ( and loving it).


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