Sunday, 30 September 2012


I have had a really good time and met some interesting and nice people, the Ukranians especially. I also learnt more about pendulums and crystal healing. The apartment and complex were we stayed was clean, well equipped we would stay there again. As for the seance, I have a lot of doubts. If you want to believe you have spoken to spirit then this experience would probably convince you. If you go with an open mind or have doubts then I think you would reach the same conclusion I have. Now I have had time to go over everything and reflect I conclude that the seance was definitely rigged. There are many reasons to say this and I wont go into all of them, but. I believe they were cruel to the Ukranian family. At the first seance they said it was a young child, he was 24. Which of course no-one knew until after the seance. At the second seance it was so predictable he would come through, and again I repeat if you had a last chance to kiss your young beautiful wife wouldnt you kiss her lips? Also he was the only ' contact' that didnt speak, ummm, my cynical mind says the mediums cant speak Ukraine. Each time of the seance Christine dressed in black. She never wore black at any other time. Although they were searched no one questioned, and neither did I till I thought about it yesterday, that David brought in a recording machine and took it out with him when he left the room. No one but David touched that, could that have been heat sensing/night vision goggles?. David was not searched on the way out, why? Again no-one questioned that. So do I believe in the spirit world, yes. Do I believe I was actually touched by one here in Spain. No.

Yesterday Dennis and I went back for some Spiritual healing with Rob the owner of the centre, who I must say made us all feel very welcome. We had a lovely session and I do actually believe in Robs abilities.

To conclude, I would have given anything to have been really touched by someone from the spirit world and it would have been much easier to delude myself than try and work out how it was done. However David insisted that to be able to commune with spirit you have to start by being true to yourself and know yourself. I know my own mind and this is my own opinion. They are both very professional, clever and dedicated people, both from mediumistic families. Did the spirits really exist or were they created by them. In my humble inexperienced opinion they created them.

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