Wednesday, 26 September 2012

day 2

Well what a day. The morning lecture was on holistic healing and was very interesting. It was delivered by the owner of the center, who was both informative and funny. Then after lunch the medium came up to give a lecture on trance and altered states. This guy is ruthless. I am so glad I was honest and said I was a deffinate beginner. All the 'mediums' are getting shot down, some of them are asking for it, but it makes me cring a bit. He is brutally honest with it and says if you dont like it tough. It was a brilliant lecture though and I enjoyed it. The main point he was trying to get accross was that some mediums are sloppy and do not discipline themselves. They are also egotistical. He was telling them how to trance well and they couldnt take it. He also tore down the theory re Ascended Masters and Fairies and UFO's. With very strong understandable theories as to why they cant come through. It was quite amusing to watch the ones that ' channel' these entities reaction. It got quite heated at times. I am learning such a lot and I am glad I came and met these guys. Its very refreshing to spend time with people who know their trade well and wont tolerate the charlatans. However all will be revealed tonight as its the first seance, which me luck !!!

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