Wednesday, 26 September 2012

day 3

Ok, yesterday was great, in the morning was a seminar on Crystals, then in the afternoon we had a seminar on Minnie Harrison by her daughter in law. The Harrisons were a family based in the North East who over a period of several years sat in a 'circle' every Saturday night. Through the mediumistic capabilities of Minnie and her sister who had ' passed' they achieved amazing results. And photo's of the Sister in spirit. It was all very interesting. Then in the evening we had the seance. Omm, I have very mixed feelings on that one. Unfortunately they are coming down on the - unconvinced side. It seems that everyone else was convinced. But I didnt ' feel' anything. And bear in mind we were sitting in complete darkness, which heightens awareness. The ' spirits ' that came through spoke to us and we were again able to ask questions. When a question was answered the ' spirit' would then touch the person on the head. All that were touched were convinced. I did not ask a question. Then a small boy came in and walked passed us all carrying a ball that lit up in the dark asking us if we could see his hand. The boy was 9 when he ' passed' and I really struggled to tell this was a hand. It was so small for a 9 year old, even if he was small for his age. Then Louis Armstrong came through and sang and played for us, it was great fun. The lady next to me recieved a message from her father in law which sounded to me as though he was speaking via telephone long distance. And she afterwards admitted to me that she had hardly known him, but was convinced it was him ? The medium all this time sat in his cabinet bound and gagged wearing a cardigan secured by plastic ties. When the seance ended he was found in the middle of the floor still bound but with his cardigan on back to front. Was everyone impressed? It appears so. I have not had a chance yet to speak to everyone, but I do appear to be the only one that doubts. If it was a con how did they do it? I have to say it was an enjoyable evening. If it was a con they were very professional, and think about Derren Brown, he's amazing. Did I feel like that about the mediums and spirits I met in Bali. No.

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