Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bring it on

Flipping heck its been days since my last blog !! In this time I have learnt Transcendental Meditation, had a weekend in Matlock. Bought shed loads of stuff for my shed (its gonna be somewhere between a Turkish brothel ( never been in one) and a Hippy nest ( never been in one). Have bought loads of Kaftans and Tye Dye trousers - I blame that on the Transcendental Meditation, and generally had a good time. I have had confirmation that said shed is going to be delivered on Friday and the furniture arrives on Tuesday. So hopefully brothel/ nest shall be complete in time for shed warming party on 29th. Dont you just love it when everything goes to plan ?
I have been back today to have a touch up done on my semi permanent make - up . I tried to get away with settling for what I'd got but Angie was having none of it. I'm glad she got me to have the touch up because it looks brill - Thanks Angie. She also very kindly let me and Collette have a play with a few wigs. Its amazing because the one which I thought was fab and deffinately me - was awful. I looked about 20 years older. It just shows you need a bit of time and proper advice. Anyhow have settled on one for now, which Angie will order for me. It will at least keep my head warm. 

Saw the Oncologist yesterday. He showed me the image of my skeleton- it was really interesting. Any probs show up black - and I have a few arthritic bits - but I know about them. Found a little black mark on my spine which he decided needed more investigation so ended up back in xray dept. Havnt had results of that so another period of waiting. He was pretty confident that everything was ok and made the point that I no longer have cancer. The chemo is to stop cancer cells re-occuring if they decide to have another go.
Well they can bloodywell try it if they think they are hard enough... must go got a party to organise !!

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