Saturday, 7 May 2011

More scans

At hospital for hours with Den. Bottom line is no tumours which is great, but they warned him that it could take up to a year for his face to regain full use. Obviously not what he wanted to hear, but at least we know that there is nothing serious underlying all of this.
I have been advised that I shall have two different types of Chemo. The first shall make me feel nauseous and tired and cause hair loss, the second can give me joint pain and cause my finger nails to fall out as well as possibly causing a miriad of other side effects. Oh happy days. But I know I have no choice in the matter and that I have to grin and bear it. I also have recieved an appointment for a bone scan on Monday, so I guess someone thought they'de better check I dont have the big C there.  I am already getting sick and tired of hospital, how am I gonna feel by Christmas ??
Den and I manned the shop yesterday afternoon- it was manic. Really busy. And of course our customers all wanted to talk to us. It was really nice to catch up with them, but we were both shattered by the time we got home. And we have to cover Sunday and Monday afternoon as well as one of the girls is on holiday. Still it gives us something else to focus on I suppose. It was really funny too , as some of our customers obviously dont know about me. They were all expressing concern about Dennis and telling me how well I looked. We didnt have the heart to tell them the truth ( or the time).....

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