Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shed Warming

After weeks of planning and Keiron running himself ragged in the garden we had our shed warming party at the weekend. It was great, good friends all coming together to catch up and to celebrate my shed. The windy weather in the morning had us all wondering if the party would end up indoors, but thanks to my new fire pit which poor Keiron ended up in my back seat so we could get in home , and some blankets we were all cosy.

All the' hunter gatherers ( the men) ended up outside - poking the fire !!,  and us girls ended up snuggled in blankets and forming our new group 'The Deff Tones' or '3 girls R loud' inside the shed singing along to selections on Dens ipod. God knows what the neighbors thought, but we thought we were great.  Must be thanks to the coupious ammounts of special singing juice we consumed. Anyhow it must have been quite toxic because my head was pounding on Monday morning. All in all a great night, thanks to you all !!

Now trying to catch up on Ironing and general stuff before my Summer of Learning commences on Thursday, just in case I wake up feeling shit on Friday....

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