Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dens Scan

Back at hospital later today - this time with Dennis to find out his MRI scan results. He has Bells Palsy and they want to rule out it being caused by a tumour. Bloody Hell its just too weird. Up until this we have both been really healthy, then bam we hit the wall together. I guess this should serve as a lesson to everyone reading this. Dont  put things off. Go out and grab life. Follow your heart and make sure you have no regrets. Its unbelievable how quickly it can be all taken away from you. I'd heard all those old cliche' before too. But believe me from where we are standing they hold true today.

Patio is just about finished. Had a hickup when I realised the slabs were different to the existing ones, but heyho life's too short to worry bout that. This morning it looks all ok. Now just have to trust shed arrives on time as have mad party to arrange.

Back to shop later to top up my tan so that I look fantastic for my Summer of Learning, hopefully after finding out that Den's scan is clear, then a nice walk along the front at Cleethorpes followed by a celebratory glass of wine then home. Remember Boudica ?? Well if you are interested about finding out more about this spectacular Norfolk queen who terrified the Romans watch Time Team at 9pm this evening. Go B go ....

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