Monday, 2 May 2011

Wonders of Nature

Woke up this morning to hear announcement that Bin Laden has been killed by the Americans, cant make up my mind whether this is a good thing or a bad one. Looking at some of the comments on my facebook page a lot of people are not happy with this result. It does make you wonder about repercussions. I cant help thinking they shouldnt have killed him. They should have captured him and put him to trial.
On a much happier note my workmen turned up a day early to start work on my patio extension for my shed, which means we are on target for 23rd. Kieran and Dennis spent nearly all day yesterday cleaning the existing patio and the front drive with a powerwash. It looks really nice. I managed to plant all the tomato plants into growbags and set up hanging baskets ready for my shed. We later went round Collette's and Christian's for a few drinks an nibbles. All in all a really good day. Really pleased that the garden is beginning to take shape. All the sickly/ dead plants have been removed and the new ones are already beginning to grow and some are even in flower, quite a change from a few weeks ago. Nature recovers so quickly, it is amazing. As for me, I am like my garden. All the crap has been removed and I feel like I am beginning to flower too. I feel really good, my arm is getting stronger by the day and I am getting very little discomfort from my wounds. As I said nature is a wonderful thing ......

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  1. sorry i am an idiot! posted comment on wrong day! people will wonder why i am ranting about bin laden the day before it all happened! anyway here is my rant again! suzxxx

    I think its great that a terrorist like Bin Laden has been caught but we do not have the right to take a life even someone like him. as you know i felt the same about Saddam - remember me tying that twat of a monk in knots at our retreat in Pokara! feeling compassion for these people is impossible but we must allow them to live as its not our right to destroy life!

    loving your new nature pic on your blog!