Tuesday, 10 May 2011

You look ever so well !!

It dont rain but it pours. One of our girls is off sick. She cant help it and she is definitely not well. Dennis and I manned the shop as planned yesterday afternoon and now today he has gone in to cover the morning shift. I felt really tired yesterday I think its probably the stress of more tests. This one was quite easy. Firstly you are injected with a radioactive gunk, then they send you away for a couple of hours telling you to drink plenty. Then when you return you lie on a very small bed thing whilst a Gamma camera scans your body. It comes down very low. When it started at my head it was just above my nose and it stays there for about 3 minutes before it moves down  the body. Definitely not good if you're claustrophobic ( obviously I'm not )- thankfully. Now another wait - I have an appointment with consultant on Monday so I will hear the results then.  More bloody waiting.

Funny thing yesterday. Whilst I was waiting for my body to become radioactive I decided to visit a few garden furniture shops. In one of them I thought I recognised one of the staff. She thought the same as she asked how we knew one another. Anyhow turns out she was a customer of ours - but we havnt seen her for a while.  The first thing she did was comment on my new hair cut, and then said the words ' you look ever so well' . This sentence gets repeated to me every day. As it never happened so much before this I have decided that the Universe is sending me a positive affirmation  of its own every day. I shall now embrace this comment every time I get it as a sign telling me that all is well.

Am hoping to go to Matlock tomorrow to attend introductory talk on Transcendental Meditation ....

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