Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fec 'in Hell

OMG time is running away with me, I have been so busy. I am now the proud owner of a personal space- my shed has been delivered. Its great I love it. From its position in the garden I have a panoramic view and can watch the various wild life that comes in. And today I should get my furniture delivered ' yippee' - good ole IKEA.  It is going to be the perfect place for my Summer of learning. I am having a Shed warming party this weekend so everyone can come to view it and fill it with positive energy in preparation, its going to be fab !!

Spent must of the morning yesterday back at the hospital, had a meeting with the Lymphodema nurse who told me all the things I cant do anymore - like- shave under my armpit ( done that)  put perfumed products on my arm ( done that) lift things with my arm ( done that) change bedcovers ( done that) - the list goes on  and on  and on. Anyhow then had meeting with Jenny Smith ( my consultant) she is very pleased with my progress. My back X ray came back ok ( just arthritic stuff ) and took more photos for her teaching class. ( she asked if I would allow her to do that ) anything for science I say. Then  went to the Macmillan suite to get a date for my Chemo. It starts next Thursday. They wanted to start sooner but when I explained I had a party going off and a Botox top up planned for Tuesday - they asked if I could fit them in on Thursday !!
Never one to disappoint I agreed so Thursday 2nd June it is. Baldness totality shall be reached around the 21st in time for midsummer solstice. She then went on to explain the side effects of the first 3 treatments which has a very long medical name as you would expect but she told me they call it FEC for short. Now imagine my reaction, FEC this FEC that, it was like an episode of Father Ted , I couldnt keep a straight face.

So there you have it - my Summer of learning commences 2 pm Thursday June 2nd .......

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