Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bra or Bra Less

Jeremy my hairdresser came round yesterday and has given me a haircut that makes me look like GI Jane. Except I'm not such a good looker as Demi Moore.  I decided to get it done in preparation for my Summer of Learning. I decided to do it sooner rather than later as it gives me the opportunity of not having to fuss over my hair or have bad hair days when Ive more important issues. I've had it short before but I think this is definately the shortest ever. Anyhow its done now everyone can get used to it.

Am having difficulty finding a comfy bra. My new booby is quite full at the top- my old booby is quite full at the bottom. I require a feat of engineering in the foundation department if I am to attain any sort of comfort. I have identified a market for haute couture bra making, if anyone out there is looking for a new project.   What is required are two completely different cup sizes and shapes. The one for my new booby should have a gel implant in the bottom to help balance it with the other one and should be a bit wider at the top.  I have tried ' bra less'  but find 'the bounce'  on my new one a bit painful, and anyhow it ends up disappearing under my armpit !! I am willing to put myself forward as a guinea pig for bra trials should anyone be interested.

Dennis and I went to the shop yesterday after it had closed and had a mini spa session. We had a fish pedicure, a sunbed session and a collagen bed session. I was a bit worried in case it brought on Lymphodema but I'm fine this morning so thats brill. I now have three weeks in which to get lovely and brown before my SOL ( Summer of Learning) starts. I have also arranged to attend a free introduction to Transcendental Meditation talk in Matlock next week, which if all goes to plan shall enable me to actually attend the training course the following weekend.

In the meantime work is ongoing on my shed, and am intending to hold a shed warming party on Sun 29th May so please pencil this in your diary.

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